You Have a Choice – Attend College

Choosing to Attend College

  • Select the right institution
  • Complete entrance exams
  • Choose the right major
  • Develop a plan to pay for your education

Types of Colleges

Career Schools (Barber/Hairstylist, Carpenter, Deejay, Electrician, Plumber)

  • Offer programs that take two years or less to complete
  • Programs offer formal classes and hands on experience
  • Students can earn a diploma or certificate, prepare for licensing exams, or study to prepare for apprentice or journeyman in a skilled trade

Two Year College (Bookkeeper, Childcare Worker, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Paralegal, Physical Therapist Assistant)

  • Often referred to as a community college or junior college
  • Award associates degree to students who complete 2 year courses of study
  • Grants diplomas or certificates to students who meet course requirements and are ready to practice in their career fields
  • You can start at a two-year college and transfer to a four-year college

Four Year College (Accountant, Athletic Trainer, Computer Programmer, Engineer, Graphic Designer, Reporter, Teacher)

  • Students earn a degree after completing a program of study
  • Four year colleges usually offer a Bachelor’s Degree
    • Bachelor of Arts (English, History, Drama)
    • Bachelor of Sciences (Biology, Computer Science, Engineering)
  • Some four-year colleges offer advanced degrees such as a master’s or doctoral (Doctor, College Professor, Dentist, Judge, Lawyer)



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