Resume Writing

What is a resume?

  • A resume is a display of your professional accomplishments and skills.
  • Think of a resume as an opportunity to tell your professional story on paper.
  • A resume showcases your brand.


Creating a Resume

Think about your story and how you would like to present it. Also, consider how you will promote yourself, your knowledge, and skills.

  • Consider your position(s) of interest
  • What would you like for potential employers to know about you?
  • How are you going to tell your story and showcase your skills?
  • What experience, knowledge and skills do you have that are relevant and can set you apart from others?


What areas/information would you like to include on your resume?

Consider some of the more common items such as:

  • Contact Information. At a minimum, include your full name, telephone number, and email address.
  • Include any degrees, certifications, and/or relevant coursework.
  • Special Projects. Consider including projects where you were a major contributor. Projects listed should be relevant to positions of interest or demonstrate specific skills related to the position of interest.
  • Work Experience. Include work experience that is relevant and/or showcases transferable skills.
  • Volunteer Experience. Include current opportunities and experiences.
  • Leadership Experience. Include current opportunities and experiences.
  • Professional Memberships & Awards. Include your most current memberships and awards.
  • If you have numerous publications, include those relevant to the position of interest, the most current or those that you are most proud.


Think about what you have accomplished in each job, volunteer assignments, and while attending colleges and universities.

  • This should help to tell your story. Employers are interested in what you have accomplished versus reading what appears to be your job description.
  • Include quantifiable data that can validate your accomplishments.


Create a list of extracurricular activities that you have been a part of.

  • Clubs, intramural sports, etc. Keep your list short; don’t overdo it.

Create a list of leadership positions that you have held

  • Consider positions on the job, professional organizations, volunteer projects, clubs and organizations, and sports teams.
  • Include information that is relevant to the position of interest.


Create a list of software that you are proficient at using.

  • Include software that is relevant to the position of interest.


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