Understanding Your Learning Style

Ever wondered why you didn’t do well on a test or assignments even though you’ve spent hours studying and preparing?

Understanding your learning style is a great way to identify effective ways to study. Complete one of many assessments that will identify your learning style.

Learning Style Assessment

Included are a few ideas on how to study based on your learning style.

Auditory: Learns better by listening to audio or lectures

  • Utilize study groups where you can talk things through
  • Work math problems aloud explaining the process
  • Repeat facts and definitions

Visual: Learns better by seeing information in written, picture, or graph form

  • Close your eyes to visualize information that you are trying to remember
  • Include illustrations as you take notes
  • Rewrite or draw information from memory

Tactile/Kinesthetic: Learns better by doing or completing hands on activities

  • Act things out when possible
  • Consider walking back and forth with your study material instead of sitting at your desk
  • Take lots of notes during class and edit them later

Source: HOW TO STUDY.com

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