Your Job Search – Applying for Jobs Online

It has become more common to complete employment
applications online using an applicant tracking system.
When applying online using an applicant tracking system,
it is important to use your resume when filling in the
information that is requested. Just as in paper applications,
you are to complete all of the required fields and sign or
acknowledge that the information you have disclosed is

People who are not accustomed to using applicant tracking
systems fail to include their resume as an attachment. I can
understand how one would fail to do so if they have
entered all of the information in the appropriate sections of
the employment application. Please do not sell yourself
short – attach your resume.

There are some recruiters who use this as one method to
screen out applicants or narrow down the candidate pool.
Always attach a current copy of your resume that is free of
errors. The information on your resume should be relevant
to the position that you are applying for. Your resume
should be a true reflection of your experiences.

Also, when completing online employment applications,
make sure that your application information is free from
typos and make sure that your telephone number and email
address are current.


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